This is a customized 3D-printed battery plate and Teradek Bolt RX Bracket for TVLogic VFM-056/VFM-058 monitors. This tidy, compact solution allows for a battery-powered, wireless video solution, ideal for mounting on a Preston handset.

The first component is the Teradek Bolt Bracket; the receiver slides into the bracket and is held securely with a nylon thumbscrew. The antennas on top of the receiver are not obstructed. The mounting pattern for the screw holes is compatible with both the VFM-056 and VFM-058 monitors. The Bracket comes in three versions, to fit the original Bolt Pro SDI receiver, the newer Fanless Bolt Pro SDI Receiver (which is a bit thicker), and the larger Bolt 300 receiver.

The second component is the customized Battery Plate, which has a 2-pin Lemo socket to provide power to the Teradek Bolt. A Lemo jumper cable provides power from the plate to the Bolt. A regular barrel plug cable provides power to the monitor (VFM-056), or in the case of the VFM-058, a short pigtail cable with a TA-4 connector is attached. A Swit S-7000F or S-7000U plate is attached, to provide power from 7.4V Sony "L" batteries (NP-F770, NP-F970, etc) or 14.4V U-series batteries (BP-U30 etc). A voltage display shows the voltage level of the battery, and a switch turns the power to the Bolt on or off.

Both the Bracket and the Battery Plate have the same TVLogic-compatible mounting hole pattern; the Battery Plate will attach directly to the monitor without the Bracket if so desired.

I am no longer routinely building these to order but the 3D printed parts are available from Shapeways.

If you're handy with a soldering iron, and would like to build this yourself, the 3D prints for the Bracket and Battery Plate can be ordered from my store on Shapeways, with additional info on those pages on what components you need.